trial/grading (greyhound race)

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A greyhound track.
Two men are n the bleachers.
Man 1 : Next TRIAL is in five minutes.
What does "trial" mean here ?
Man 2 : It's how they WORK OUT THEIR GRADING ;
I'm not sure I understand what "grading" means in this context.
how fast they go, whether they run better on the rail (on the inside ???) or off it. It's also a good opportunity to inspect the FORM.
How do you understand the word "form" here ?

Thanks in advance for your answers. It will help me translate this into French.
  • maxiogee

    I think it usually (when referring to horses and greyhounds) refers to preliminary heats to qualify for a forthcoming major Derby or other race.

    rat boy

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    I know that on the "rail" is the inside as you suggested
    and "form" is how fit the dog is and how well it is doing e.g. on form= the dog is doing very well, and the opposite is off form (quite obvious)
    I am not sure about grading maybe someone else can help with that
    Trial= competition


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    grading...are you positive it was not rating? trial is the preheat that the dogs run so that they can narrow down the competition. grading and rating are close in meaning -- they both take into account the condition of the dog (coat, body shape etc) the number of races it has won or lost, all the statistics to determine what chance the dog has of winning this particular race. it's just that rating is more common.
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