Tribal- Dolphin Mc Toe Rings

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    Please provide us with some context: what is this about? who said it? to whom? You may quote up to four sentences without fear of copyright violation. (Usually the sentence in which the phrase is used, plus two before and one after are the most useful, but use your judgment.)

    (Web links are fine if we want more information, but they have two problems. One is that the link may go away before we use it. The other is that it forces people who want to help you to do extra work before they can. That may discourage them from helping.)


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    Sorry, Egmont. I have read it on the internet. An employee qite her job and talked to her boss by writing on a board and her boss responded to her. I wrote exactly what he replied to her. Any idea what does the nickname Tribal- Dolphin Mc Toe Rings mean?
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    Tribal - word associated with young hipsters with trendy tattoos and piercings
    Dolphin - New Age, animal lover, PETA, save the whales, dolphin-safe tuna
    Mc - a particle from Irish/Scottish names that makes it obvious that this is a name like Ronald McDonald
    Toe Rings - jewelry for trendy girls - see also Tribal above.


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    We can't tell from the pictures at the Web site, since they don't show her feet, but I suspect she wore toe rings with designs like the ones on this page. (Those designs aren't toe rings, but a toe ring could have similar ones.) The "Mc" prefix, which comes from McDonald's, is often used in AE to indicate that something is inexpensive, ordinary, not high-class.

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    It's hard to explain how the modern generation uses "Mc" in this way.

    It's just a way to humorously make up a name; sometimes to make fun of someone.

    Examples: Rob McSmelly Feet
    Andy McLoudmouth
    Mr. McObvious

    Very hard to explain and not really sure how it came about. I started hearing it roughly in the late 90s.
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