tribunal colegiado

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  1. PEQUITAS2008 New Member

    podrian decirme como se expresa Tribunal Colegiado en inglés?

  2. David

    David Banned

    multi-judge panel or multi-judge tribunal or multi-judge court or court en banc
  3. PEQUITAS2008 New Member

    thank you for your answer
  4. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    David, how about collegial tribunal?
  5. David

    David Banned

    Collegial en inglés quiere decir "en el espiritu de respeto mútuo que exste entre colegas," pero no creo que tenga el mismo significado que la palabra relacionada en español. "Even though most of the professors on the faculty were jealous of each other's research opportunities, budgets, minor triumphs and academic honors, to the point that they actually hated each other in secret and maniacally calculated in secret the square footage of each other´s offices, at the meetings of the department they maintained a thin veneer of collegial affability."
  6. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
  7. David

    David Banned

    It is possible to use the term collegial court, no doubt about it. However, in ordinary practice, where the term is used in a Spanish-language appellate brief, In the example you cite, J. Lax is a political scientist, writing for other political scientists. He uses the term "collegial" as a term of art in his paper. "The problem is that, in the United States and many other countries, appellate courts are multimember, or collegial." However, he defines it by referring first to the usual term, "multimember," which would hardly be necessary if the lawyers and political scientists reading his paper could be presumed in advance to know what he meant by "collegial court." It is a possible translation but for purposes of papers to be filed in translation in an English-language court, the most direct and most easily comprehensible equivalent seems to me the best alternative. My usual example is, that "el a quo" could always be translated as "the from which," or left as "the a quo,", in either case technically an accurate translation, but it is highly unlikely that an English speaking lawyer or judge would know that it meant "the court below." I feel the same way about "collegial tribunal."
  8. _LC_ Senior Member

    Otra opción es: Court composed of various judges.

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