tric or trical

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Hi there,

I'd like your ideas on the following:

"advanced symetric transformation" or "advanced symetrical transformation"

Thanks for any feedback.
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    A quick look through Google suggests that symetric is used in certain specific situations: Company names, mathematical constructions, computing algorithms and so forth.

    Where a general, all-purpose adjective is needed, then symetrical is used.

    This concurs with my experience as well.


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    Try reading through:
    adjectives ending with -ic and -ical
    - but don't expect to find definitive answers :)

    The OED has more to say about symmetrical than symmetric.
    Under symmetric, it gives a cross-reference to symmetrical for definition except in the very specific contexts of mathematics and logic.

    It sounds to me as if the example given in post #1 is probably one of those very specific contexts - where symmetric might be more appropriate.
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