tricked up like Jehovah

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  1. Hello !

    I'm struggling with a poem by HD (in her collection of poems Trilogy) and I would like to know the meaning of the expression "tricked up" in the following verse :
    " Dev-ill was after us,
    tricked up like Jehovah; "

    is "tricked up" an equivalent of to be disguised ?
  2. bing181 Senior Member

    English (Australian)
    It usually means dressed up, usually fairly garishly and in a way that will attract attention. By extension, it can apply to anything, e.g. cars that have been modified.

    Also tricked out.

    Related to "trick", which is slang for what prostitutes do. So, a prostitute would get "tricked up" in order to "pull a trick".
  3. lewisthesamteenth Senior Member

    USA English
    "Tricked out" est plus courant que "tricked up" mais veut dire presque la même chose (typiquement, les objets sont "tricked out" mais les gens sont "tricked up"). Dans ce contexte, "Dev-ill was . . . tricked up like Jehovah" veut dire "Devil was dressed up to look like God" ou quelque chose comme ça.
  4. thank you both for your helpful answers !

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