tricolore (drapeau)

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    french (du Midi de la France)
    What is funny is that the French speak of their flag as "le drapeau tricolore" but about every national flag has three colors.


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    French - France, ♀
    List of flags by number of colors - Wikipedia :)

    We also say multicolore, bicolore...
    and incolore, colorer, coloration, colorier.
    Douleur and indolore also come from the Latin dolor.

    Anyway, the adjectives deriving from the latin color are formed with the suffix -colore. You can't just make up a new word. ;)

    I don't think it's common to call the French national flag "le tricolore" (?), [...]
    We say le drapeau/le pavillon tricolore as we would say [le drapeau] bleu blanc rouge [...].
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