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A girl who I've known for 8 years recently meet up with me again. I visited her frequently when she was a middle school student, at the age of 15, now she's 18. In the past three years I tried to contact her but I couldn't. I know her mother's phone and some other contact methods but her mother never let her know that I was trying to contact her (she told me when we met a few days ago.)

At the moment when she sat down (a few days ago when I met her), I said:

I've tried to reach you.

Is it natural to mean "In the past three years I never gave up any method looking for/reaching you"

Thanks a lot
  • Egmont

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    It's correct, it's colloquial, but it doesn't go nearly as far as the complete statement. I might say "I tried to reach you" in a situation where I had made one phone call.


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    It would be more natural to use the present perfect continuous tense – “I’ve been trying to reach you” – especially if you’ve tried multiple times over a prolonged period.
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