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The Wobulator

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Hey guys. I am trying to translate this technical manual from a fineblanking press. The part highlighted below (see image) is referred to as a "triela" in Spanish - like a biela but with 3 points of contact. Any suggestions in English. Linkeage maybe? Thanks
  • Lnewqban

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    Spanish - Cuba
    Biela translates as connecting rod for engines.
    Linkage is appropriate, but parts #2, 4, 6 and 11 are also linkages of that mechanism.
    I would use something more specific, like connecting plate.


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    Quizá voy muy perdido, pero para mí, en el esquema cinemático que proporcionas, las bielas son las piezas 2 y 4. Lo demás son transmisores de movimiento rectilíneo. @Lnewqban te sugiere connecting plate y me parece acertado.

    Y lo de triela, primera noticia.
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