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    This is yet again on the history of the Art Academy. Two things here, one is the translation of "triennale" for a visual arts Academy. Second is the term "titoli di studio".

    Original phrase (partial):
    ...articolato su una base triennale e una specializzazione biennale (3+2), equiparandosi ai rispettivi titoli di studio universitari.

    My sentence:
    This project was based on a (three year) bachelor of visual arts?? and a two year specialization (3+2), equivalent to respective University degrees.

    I hope it makes sense, I can always post the whole Italian sentence (a whole paragraph... as usual)
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    Triennale translates as triennial but, as in English, it means something that lasts three years as well as something that occurs at three-year intervals. Using a three-year bachelor program is a lot clearer.
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    foundation of three years with two years of specializtion eqivalent to respective university course work.

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