Quelle est le mot anglais (nom) qui désigne le mot "Le trinôme" ?

Je crois que c'est "Trinomial" mais il me semble que c'est un adjectif.

Ai-je raison ?

Bien à vous

  • XPditif

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    français (France)
    either it's partner (like binome)
    or trinomial (polynomial of third order)
    hope i'm right, i check

    yep it's good
    trinomial is a noun
    (sorry mod fairy)
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    I'm adding to this post ten years after the event, I know, but I've just come across it and wanted to say that trinôme is (I think) used quite often in French, unlike 'trinomial' (which I've never come across). In the same way that binôme means simply with a partner (en binômes – in pairs), trinôme would usually be translated simply as a group of three people.

    Jim in Phila

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    Kirsty: I should clarify that I saw trinôme in a French language textbook, not in English. Trinomial, though, does appear in my American Heritage College dictionary, 3rd edition.