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A sick woman was in the hospital then came out and went back home.
Her daughter asks her if she's okay now?!, the woman answers that she's a little bit tired from the trip but she's fine.

You see, the hospital wasn't in the same town where they lived, the daughter took her mother in her car and drove her from the hospital to their house, and it took them couple of hours to arrive to their town.

So is it okay to say trip?? because I know that a trip is like a journey where you go somewhere to have fun, but the woman here was coming from the hospital what's the word that I can use instead of trip ?? a ride for example?? or is it okay to say trip???
  • owlman5

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    Trips don't have to be fun, Lovelyaltagracia. I think that woman's use of "trip" to mean "trip home from the hospital" is perfectly normal.
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