triple merde ! / trois fois merde !


I've been reading some Haitian literature recently and I've seen both "triple merde" and "trois fois merde" come up in different contexts. For example "La déveine est vraiment à mes trousses. Merde, Merde, merde, trois fois merde." Or "Trois fois merde, mon commandant" which is a sort of refrain that reapppears (though interchanged with "triple merde, mon commandant") throughout another novel.

Translators have used "Triple shit," in order to convey an expression of frustration on the part of the character. But "merde" is also in the context of luck, as in wishing someone good luck, in which the case the first citation and the use of "déveine" adds some additional complication.

Has anyone seen the expression "triple merde" or "trois fois merde" in any other contexts? Thanks!
  • Grosluk

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    You say "Trois fois merde" when you're in a bad/desperate situation. As lovelygirl says it means "damn"

    But "Merde" is a common expression on stage to whish good luck. We also say "Trois fois merde" for more luck. The english equivalent is "Break a leg".
    Theater actors/techs inherit superstition from sailors.
    For more infos google "Superstition_théâtrale", "Theatrical_superstitions"