trolls on Pol went to work to spread the word


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On a message board called /Pol/- Politically Incorrect, someone said her ex- husband was the shooter. His Facebook page indicated he was a liberal and the far-right trolls on Pol went to work to spread the word.

(This comes from Facebook, Google Spread Misinformation About Las Vegas Shooting. What Went Wrong? on October 3, 2017.)

Does the blue part mean "far-right messages on Pol began to spread that her ex-husband was the shooter"?

Thanks in advance!
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    There is a slang term "troll" used about people on internet forums. It means a person who writes posts just to create arguments. They say things many people will disagree with, just to start an argument in the forum.

    Here, the writer is not using "troll" correctly. He is just using "trolls" as a negative word for "people". He calls them "far-right" because he is familiar with that website, and many people that post there are politically "far-right".

    The blue part says that people spread the word (on the POL website) on all the information before that: saying who the shooter was (ex-husband) and that he claimed to be a liberal (on his Facebook page).
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