1. Chenia Member

    Does anyone know what 'trompudo' means in Puerto Rico? I have no context really.
  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    When you say "no context really", what do you mean? "Context" is the entire situation surrounding the phrase you are translating. It includes details like who said it, in what situation, with what tone, to whom, etcetera. It's essential in this forum, in order to understand the usage of the word you are translating.

    The word "trompudo" might be an adjective form of "trompa", which is a pig's snout. The suffix "-udo" describes something that is well-endowed in that area. For example, a pig with a large snout could be described as "un puerco trompudo". Is that the context?

    Edit: here's a previous thread about the same word: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=479614
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  3. Chenia Member

    It was used about a person, that the person was polite and 'trompudo', I thought it seemed to maybe have something to do with the person's attitude/manners. In English you can say 'someone has their nose in the air' (possibly like a pig's snout) if they're excessively proud or snobbish but I'm not sure if this is what it means in Spanish.
  4. didakticos

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    St. Petersburg, FL, USA
    Español de Costa Rica (y de otras partes también)
    According with the thread posted by fenixpollo, trompudo is used when a person is angry or pissed in some countries. It doesn't say anything about Puerto Rico. Literally means this.

  5. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    It could have meant that they were angry, or that they were acting snobbish, or something else. But you should show us the entire sentence that was said, so that we can see how it was used.
  6. jasminasul

    jasminasul Senior Member

    I can´t find anything that fits your context, unless it´s "with a big/generous mouth", "with full lips".
    I´ve found a link that has nothing to do with this but it´s funny.
    1. El Salvadoreño no te mira: Te "wacha".
    2. El Salvadoreño no tiene una casa: tiene una "choza".
    3. El Salvadoreño no dice hola, dice: "¡¡¡¿Qué ondas?!!!"
    21. no tiene ganas de hacer popú: anda trompudo (como los pitufos)

    More here:
  7. Raeltoc Senior Member

    Trompudo viene de trompa(hocico) de algunos mamìferos.En el Perú trompudo se usa para se usa para
    1-Decir que una persona está molesta(por la expresiòn de su rostro,el cual aparece con los labios muy juntos y proyectados ligeramente hacia adelante)"Está trompudo por que no consiguió lo que quería"
    2-Expresar que un individuo tiene como característica fìsica la boca o los dientes grandes los que hacen proyectar sus labios hacia adelante,a manera de trompa.Muchas veces se usa apodo"Es el trompudo Pérez"
  8. Chenia Member

    I found this in a story, 'trompudito' which I assume is the same as trompudo:

    La verdad es que no se como ha sido - deshaciendose en disculpas el mozo - porque aqui tenemos aire acondicionado y escrines - muy educado, muy trompudito el mozo.

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