trouble coming down the mountain

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I heard Johnathan Turley, constitutional law professor, George Washington University, say this on 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' show

"If that occurs in the coming days, the United States, and specifically the president, will be accused of committing a very serious violation of international law. Torture is one of the top three or four things that the international law is designed to prevent.

And so the reason there is this move to try to get legislation as fast as possible is because I think the administration senses that there's a lot of trouble coming down this mountain."

Wondered if the phrase in bold letters has hidden meaning and just what was he talking about? Does anyone know the origin of the phrase?
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    Usually when someone has a question, they will write the sentence in context--sometimes even a paragraph--so that those who want to help can do so with the most accuracy. You can do just that by posting a Quick Reply after the last post, with a little more context. Without context, I can only guess that having trouble coming down the mountain in a countdown would be someone who perhaps had a number 1 hit and is now dropping on the charts--and is having trouble with that fact!
    Again, welcome!
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