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Hi all,

I'm looking for a good translation of the verb to 'troubleshoot' as used in a Technical Support environment. For example:
'The following steps need to be taken to troubleshoot this issue.'

  • thanks Deddish. I was kind of hoping for one single verb with the same 'tech support' connotation. In English you could not use 'troubleshoot' in exact scientific context, for example you could not say:'troubleshooting a mathematical equation.' The word implies the trial and error process that is typical for IT Tech Support or Mechanical applications.
    To troubleshoot = diagnotiquer
    A trouble shoot = un diagnostic

    "Depanner" is more an equivalent of "to fix"

    But I realise that for some people to troubleshoot means to identify the source of the trouble and to fix it.
    In my mind it just means to identify the source of the trouble.

    When I troubleshoot a computer, I just try to find out why it doesn't work, what's the problem.
    When I found out the reason, the troubleshoot is finished.
    When I make it work again, I fix it.
    And when the unit work again, I don't say to my customer: "Your computer is troubleshooted". I say "Your computer is fixed" or "the problem is fixed" or again "the problem is solved"

    But I'm maybe wrong.
    Does someone can confirm ?
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