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This is the last sentence of Malta(p.45, the Economist on December 7th, 2019).

He leaves a country that is far richer(growth has averaged 7.2% on his watch), but one that is as troubled as it is troubling.

I can not clearly understand the underlined part.
1. What is "it"? : is it a country(=one)?
2. Then, what does it mean "one that is as troubled as it is troubling."? Please kindly rephrase the sentence with plain words.

Thank you very much in advance.
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).

    Yes, "it" refers to the country. And the sentence says that the country is troubled (has problems) and also is troubling (causes troubles or distress). The "as it is troubling" part means that having troubles equal in amount or intensity causing troubles. In other words: the country is having problems and is equally causing problems.