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He’d grown up with myths about how rich the Whalsay folk were and he was never sure how much of it was true: Shetland was full of stories of buried treasure and trowie gold.
Source: Red Bones by Ann Cleeves
Context: Inspector Jimmy Perez has just arrived in Symbister in Whalsay.

What does trowie or trowie gold mean?

Glossary: A trow (also trowe or drow or dtrow) is a malignant or mischievous fairy or spirit in the folkloric traditions of the Orkney and Shetland islands.[1][2] Trows are generally inclined to be short of stature, ugly, and shy in nature.

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    From Orkney Folklore - What is a Trow? - Orkneyjar
    Within their earthen mounds - known locally as howes or knowes - the dwelling-places of the trows were said to be sumptuous and dazzling. Gold, silver and previous materials were said to decorate the walls, while only fine food and drink was served at their tables.​
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