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    请问一下,truck(那种比较高的小汽车,美国人喜欢开,因为车身较高,比SEDAN安全,不是运货的那种卡车) 在汉语叫什么?

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    You can link a picture so we can understand which kind of truck you are talking about.
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    Here's URL. I just posted a similar thread in English Only. Some native speakers say it is SUV. 我想是越野车。

    However, they say Americans don't call it truck, but my American boss and American colleagues called it truck.
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    In British English, we call this type "multi-purpose vehicles" (MPV) = 多功能车
    There is also a similar, more rugged type called "Off-roader" = 越野车, which you already mentioned.
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    谢谢!各位的回复。Thank you!
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    I would say 吉普 or 面包车... but I'm not car expert

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