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    I was chatting with a Russian friend and there was not a clear understanding of what "true colors" means. When one says, "I see your true colors," this means that the person sees and fully understands how a person is inside. It can be either bad or good, that a nice person on the outside can be very mean on the inside, or that a mean person on the outside can be very nice inside. Есть русское выражение?
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    For example: Я вижу тебя насквозь
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    We have an expression "настоящее лицо" ~= real face, true face, true self. In my experience, if someone said: "Теперь я знаю твоё настоящее лицо", most likely it would mean that he has just discovered a really unpleasant inner details in a seemingly nice person. In other contextes this expression could be quite neutral, like "Узнай своё настоящее лицо" =~ "Know your true self".
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    Hi! I'd like to take a moment to supplement the two previous people thoughts on this matter. I agree that Russians can say something like "я вижу тебя насквозь" that means I can see beyond your façade or I can see clearly who you are. The second popular Russian saying is "я знаю (я вижу) твоё настоящее лицо that implies I can see your true value.
    Who knows, it could very well be the case when your Russian friend wanted to compliment you and emphasize that you are a person of quality? May be you should take it in a positive way instead of negative connotation?
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  5. There is also an expression "знать как облупленного", which generally means "to know someone wery well", and literally it means something like "to know someone like he's an egg without a shell". And it also can have a "good" or "bad" connotation depending on the context.
  6. Fortunio Senior Member

    Я вижу тебя в истинном свете.
    (В душе) ты лучше, чем кажешься (на первый взгляд) или чем хочешь казаться.
    На самом деле тебе цены нет.

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