True Love/Real Love


Hi everyone!
I've just read I. Asimov's story True Love. I've got a question.
Is there any diiference between true love and real love?
According to the Collins D "True- is sth based on facts rather than being invented or imagined". "Real- is sth that actually exists and is not imagined".
But I still can't get it.
Since I'm not a native speaker, could you please explain the difference, if any:)
Thank you!
  • sandpiperlily

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    "True love" is an expression in English, which generally refers to a love that is deep, enduring, genuine, etc as opposed to fleeting passion, sexual desire, or affection without honesty.

    "Real love" isn't really an expression. It just means love that is real.

    In a lot of cases you could use the terms interchangeably. These examples might help clarify the difference, as I see it:

    "I like him a lot. But is it true love or just a crush?"

    "He seems like a nice guy, but I'm not sure if his love is real or if he's just taking advantage of me."
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