True 'Till Death/Out of Step/Hold Your Ground

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私は、日本語のいれずみがほしいです。日本語の「straight edge」の文しょうだろうと思います。
True 'Till Death (meaning, I'll stay that way until I die)
Out of Step (kind of meaning, going against the grain/not mainstream)
Hold Your Ground
"straight edge" (全然お酒は飲まなかったり、麻薬は使わなかったり、ハードコア音楽を聞いたりする事)は日本語のことばがありますか、「ストレート.エッジ」と言うでしょうか。

そして…日本語のstraight edgeの下世話が在るでしょうか。Are there any common straight edge sayings in Japanese?

  • 下世話 (gesewa) = common or base, an adjective

    What do you mean by "日本語のstraight edgeの下世話が在るでしょうか"?

    Straight edge seems to be translated (?) as ストレート・エッジ as per Wikipedia.
    Straight edged or straight-laced would be called "majime" in Japanese. All the time I was in Japan, I was always trying to put good English to the word, and finally made the connection.

    And there is the word "kimajime," which I feel has a negative connotation, but that's my personal bias.
    :eek: sorry, I always try to write in Japanese but my grammar is so bad.. by "日本語のstraight edgeの下世話が在るでしょうか" I meant to ask if there are any popular straight edge sayings that straight edge people would say in Japanese. For example, "True Till Death" and "Out of Step" are well-known sayings within the straight edge movement.. I was wondering if Japanese straight edge people have an equivalent in the Japanese language.

    Maybe this isn't the best forum to discuss this in, but I thought I'd try it. >_< It's good to have several different opinions.