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    Hi guys, how's today? I have a question for you.

    Has anyone ever seen this word?


    The context where this word in involved talk about the commodity contract, and explains how come many contracts in some particular sicurities (options) are so difficult to grasp and then to price.

    I give the whole sentece: "The motivation of the present study comes from the commodity markets, and expecially the energy markets where the lack of standardization and the complexity of many contracts has attached our attention. Commodity contracts can be extremely involved and many energy structured products are truffled with embedded options which are too often niether identified nor price appropriately."

    Well I've taken a look to the dictionary and other topics, but I can't figure out the right meaning.

  2. luway

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    Finora l'unico contesto in cui avevo sentito usare questo termine è quello culinario, dato che viene da 'truffle' (tartufo) e significa quindi 'tartufato/al tartufo', ma da una veloce ricerca ho visto che è presente anche in altri contesti, non so però al momento dire se il senso sia stato esteso proprio a partire dal pregiato tartufo oppure ne abbia un altro del tutto diverso.
  3. italtrav

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    Ciao Beacher

    To keep up the food imagery, an alternative to truffled is peppered:D. All truffled means is that, just as one might mix bits of truffle into some food preparation, the contracts contain these various options scattered throughout. There may also be some sense that these options are valuable (like truffles) or lucrative.
  4. King Crimson

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    I have a doubt, however, on the use of truffle as a verb. According to our WRD (here) "to truffle" means to hunt for truffles, while here it seems to mean savoured with truffles. Am I way off the mark?
  5. beacher

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    Everywhere; San Diego; London
    Veneto Dialect and Italian
    Hi italtrav and luway,

    I was suppose to know it was something related to food, but in italian sounds a little bit strange if someone wants to translate it. It works better with "conditi". (IMHO) :D

    Thank a lot to both of you

    You know King Crimson, as for me and talking about a sort of contracts (which have seen strong development and use) your way might work aswell. In fact many firm (in the energetic domain) are willing to hedge themselves agaist possible wide price fluctuation. In this case is used as adjective.
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  6. italtrav

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    Ciao King

    In this case, the English verb is really on loan from the French truffer, which means "to spread [something] around abundantly."
  7. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Good to know, italtrav. I guess though that this usage of "to truffle" should be reported to WRD for inclusion in the "English definition" section:)
  8. london calling Senior Member

    Truffer in French means both "to garnish something with truffles" and "spice up" (in the figurative sense - "spice up a text" or something like that), makes sense, italtrav.;)

    That said, I've never heard the term used like this in English before....I know,I know, the ignorance of the woman....:eek:
  9. whi Banned

    non hai bisogno di un dizionario, il significato è nel testo, lo ricavi da solo da quei tre aggettivi. 'truffled' significa 'con contorno/farcia' .Il termine giusto lo trovi secondo il tuo 'gusto' : farciti, imbottiti, inzeppati, collegati etc..
  10. wu ming Senior Member

    I'm opening this old thread again, so do mothertongues think that the word 'truffled' can be used as 'savoured with truffle'?

    According to the Merriam-Webster the meaning exists:
    Truffled: cooked, stuffed, or garnished with truffles

    For example, would this sound correct:
    Pheasant breast stuffed with truffled sausage on a chive-flavored potato puree.
    Petto di fagianella farcito con salsiccia tartufata su purea di patate all'erba cipollina.

    Thank you!
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