Trump all but clinched the nomination


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Does "Trump all but clinched the nomination" mean "Trump almost won the nomination (he failed after all)"?

Thanks in advance

But, when Trump all but clinched the nomination Tuesday night, Holt quickly distanced himself from the New York businessman.

"I have to sleep at night," he told NewsChannel 4. "I have a daughter. I can't support someone who lacks the basic human decency that Mr. Trump does."

-NewsChannel 4

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    It does not mean that he failed. It means that he came very close to clinching; he only needed to win another state or two. And it relates to the Republican nomination; that race is now over, and neither Clinton nor Johnson were ever competing in it (they are the Democratic and Libertarian nominees, respectively).


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    Suppose Trump needed 100 delegates to get the nomination. (The real number is much larger.) And suppose, at that point in the process, he had 99 delegates, no other candidate had more than 50, and there were many more still to be chosen. He only needed one more delegate, and he is almost certain to get at least one more, but it is still mathematically possible for him to finish with only 99 delegates. He almost has (clinched) the nomination, but we cannot say that he clinched it until he gets one more delegate.
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