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Just received a message from a supplier answering an information request on a product price. Message ends with above mentioned phrase (Trust acceptable). Can anyone help me to translate it.

Is it like "fidati"?

Thank you
  • baldpate

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    Hi Piddu,

    it sounds to me like a very much shortened version of the sentence : "I trust that this is a acceptable" ("Spero che questo sia accettabile"), refering to what has just been proposed by the supplier.


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    Thanks Baldpate.
    Any grammar mistakes in my post?

    No mistakes : your style was rather 'telegraphic' (not quite as extreme as that final phrase from your supplier, though :)) - omission of definite articles, starting with "Just received" rather than "I have just received" etc - but since it was done consistently throughout your post I presume that was a deliberate stylistic choice on your part.
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