Trust blindly Vs trust implicitly

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Hello everyone,

I found out that both phrases, "trust blindly" and "trust implicitly" can be used to mean "trust somebody completely". My question: is there any difference between them?

The examples I made:

a. She trusts him blindly. Don't trust anyone blindly. It's wrong.


b. She trusts him implicitly. Don't trust anyone implicitly. It's wrong.

Thank you in advance!
  • cyberpedant

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    To my mind, "blindly" implies trusting for no good reason. "Implicitly" does not necessarily connote lack of evidence. It is neutral in this respect.


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    To give a concrete example, maybe you have worked with a business partner for 40 years and known him always to be scrupulously honest and reliable. You might then trust him implicitly in financial matters, but you are not acting blindly -- you have four decades of evidence of his trustworthiness.
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