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There is a football team in my city. Some time ago a fan club was organized here. It has a charter where the aims of the club and rights and obligations of its members are listed. For example: "The main objective of the organization is to unite people of different ages and occupations on the basis of love to FC Sevastopol" (direct translation from Russian) or "Members must pay membership fee", etc.
The name of the club has been translated into English as "Football supporters trust" and I'm not sure that "trust" is the right word for an organization like this one. What do you think?
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    Hello Dec. I'd be amazed to see any football supporters' club in this country referred to as a trust, a very businessy word.

    However, some FCs do have supporters' associations ~ example ~ which you could probably use if you wanted something a bit less (erm) clubby than club:)
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