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  1. MAC12652 New Member

    spanish from Spain
    I would like to know, the correct translation of trust fund. I have received an e-mail from my aunt and a company in Switzerland. The e-mail talks about a trust fund. I have to ask my aunt in Spain about it so I can pay taxes on it. But I don't know the word for trust fund.
    Thank you
  2. Quieta Leona Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Se trata de un fondo fiduciario, o fideicomiso.

  3. MAC12652 New Member

    spanish from Spain
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  4. Renie3 New Member

    Which words are best for <trust fund> in Spanish as in <<I will put your funds in a trust fund>>?
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  5. dennisruc Senior Member

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    establecer un fondo fiduciario (familiar) or for whomever. a few years late, eh?

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