trustworthy, reliable or dependable [person]


Good afternoon,

could you please tell me the difference among these three words?
Trustworthy. Reliable. Dependable.

I do not have a source where I got them. I have just realized that I do not know the nuances in the meaning of these words.

Thank you in advance.
  • Greyfriar

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    If you are trustworthy it means that you are honest, not the sort of person to steal from anyone nor pass on a confidence. You are worthy of trust.

    If you are reliable it means that you can be counted on to keep your word, arrive on time for work or appointments, always be ready to help others when needed.

    If you are dependable it means more or less the same as reliable. People can depend on you.


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    Greyfriar is correct.
    I would add that all three can have the same meaning if trustworthy is being used to describe a person's timeliness.
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