truthfulness, completeness, accuracy and not misleading character

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is the highlighted part OK, or can I say liable that they are true, complete, ...?

Representations and Warranties regarding ..., which are set forth in Clause 1.2.2 in Appendix III and which are provided by ... in favor of ...with respect to the matters listed in Schedule 2 of this Amendment, are true, complete and accurate and not misleading in any manner whatsoever, whereas ...and ...are fully liable for their truthfulness, completeness, accuracy and not misleading character as of the day and anytime upon the signing this Amendment
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    I am sorry. We like to be helpful, but we can't give advice about the wording of a legal contract. Words like "liable" have very specific meanings in that context, different from the meanings they have when used by people who are not trained in law. In addition, it is likely that their legal meanings will vary from country to country.

    We can only tell you what these words mean when we use them in ordinary circumstances.

    You need the advice of a lawyer, or someone trained in writing this sort of thing.
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