Try not to bruise it

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  1. marce_hdez Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I'm translating to spanish a Duran-Duran's song (The reflex) and i can't understand this prhase "Try not to bruse it". Anybody help me with those. I beg you pardon for my English, i know is not very well, my native language is Spanish.
  2. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Creo que el sentido es
    "Try not to bruise it", es decir "intenta no margullarlo".
  3. ILT

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    México - Español/Castellano
    Hola Marce:

    Bienvenida al foro. Debe ser bruise, y su traducción es magullar.
    Try not to bruise it = trata de no magullarlo.

    Hice unas pocas correcciones a tu texto en inglés, para ayudarte a mejorar.

    Saludos, y nuevamente bienvenida ;)
  4. Fernita

    Fernita Senior Member

    Buenos Aires-Argentina
    castellano de Argentina.
    I agree with you.
    Another possibility may be "intenta no arruinarlo/estropearlo". It depends on the context.

    Welcome! :)
  5. marce_hdez Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Muchas gracias, me quedó claro.


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