Trying to find a word based on faulty memory... "epipsekia"

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  1. doycave New Member

    My English professor is turning 80 this week, and I'm working on a short story about him. He is an interesting character to say the least and I have many fond memories of him.

    At any rate, in class one day, a classmate and I were arguing about a character in a story. My classmate was reading into the text something that wasn't there, I thought, and my professor interrupted and said there is a Greek word, which he pronounced "e-pip-se-key-ah." He said my classmate identified with the character in a very special way, a way which this word defined.

    I was in the New Testament Greek Lexicon (the most complete lexicon I own) this morning and couldn't find it there. I looked online to find it and couldn't.

    Can someone help? Have you heard this word? Did I hear it wrong?
  2. Perseas Senior Member

    Hi doycave and welcome!
    Could you explain a little more this "special way"? It refers to what exactly? How did your classmate indentify with the character of the story? I 'm trying to understand the meaning of the word.

    Is it a biblical word? Is it an adjective, noun? I 'm also thinking the posibility of two words: preposition "επί" and something else.
  3. doycave New Member

    It was almost like a soul mate. Like he had identified his very self with this character. That was the connotation.

    It wasn't a biblical word per se. My background is New Testament Greek and that was the lexicon to which I had access. He was an English prof, so I was wondering, too, if it was applied in literary terms?

    And thank you!
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    "Soul" in Greek is "Ψυχή": "psukhḗ" ; /psiˈçi/ in IPA. I think I can discern this word in "epi-psekia". Perhaps the other word is the preposition "επί". Βut I can't tell anything more...
  5. ireney

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    Could he be referring to "epipsyche" coming from Shelley's poem "Epipsychidion"? Both made up but based in Greek.
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  6. doycave New Member

    That could very well be it! I hadn't considered the preposition. I'll dig further, but I REALLY appreciate the help!

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