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  1. Judestefy New Member

    Peruvian Spanish

    I'm translating the Manual of a Screening Test to Spanish and I have problems with this term:

    "She headed up the day-to day tasks of collecting the pilot, tryout, and standardization samples."

    "Ella encabezó las tareas diarias de recolección de muestras exploratorias, tryout y de estandarización."

    Thanks for the help! :)
  2. Benzene

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    Italian from Italy
    Hi Judestefy!

    My suggestion is a s follows:

    "...tryout, and standardization samples." = "...prueba* y estandarización de las muestras."

    *Cantidad muy pequeña que se extrae de una cosa para examinar su calidad.


  3. Judestefy New Member

    Peruvian Spanish
    Thank you Benzene, I like it! =)

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