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  1. Vitalore Senior Member

    Minä arvostan ilmaistavaa viestiä enemmän kuin viestin ilmaisijaa itse.
    I value the being expressed message more than the person expressing it.

    Can the -ttava suffix imply an action that is in the process of happening as one speaks?
    Sorry if the phrase I wrote in Finnish doesn't sound natural.
  2. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    In this context, I think that both ilmaistavaa viestiä or ilmaistua viestiä can be used to mean "the message that's being expressed".

    One might expect the past participle (ilmaistu) to refer to something that was expressed in the past, but here it has more of a present-tense meaning. One Finnish speaker told me (if I understood him correctly) that the past participle is more commonly used in this type of context than the present/future participle (ilmaistava).
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  3. Vitalore Senior Member

    So, all in all, -ttava/-tava suffixes can convey an action that is in the process of happening?
    Quite the multipurpose suffix -ttava is. So many possibilities.

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