Tu es toujours dans mon coeur...

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  1. boogie06 New Member

    Hi there,

    i've been trying to find the meaning of this sentences. "Tu es toujous dans mon coeur. Oblie moi. Desolee. A bien tot". Please tell me what does it means?


  2. Aupick

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    Hello boogie06 and welcome to the forum,

    I've just changed the title of your thread so it's clear what the subject is and to facilitate future searches, as per our guidelines.


    Your sentence means:

    You are always in my heart. Forget me. Sorry. Bye.

    (Oblie = Oublie)
  3. Arzhela

    Arzhela Senior Member

    It means : "You're alwaws in my heart. Forget me. I'm sorry. See you soon."

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