Tu sabras Karate, pero yo se putasos

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  1. rodneyp Senior Member

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    US, English
    Vi esta phrase en un camiseta. Que significa?

    Es algo asi:

    You might know Karate, but I know ???
  2. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    This is Mexican slang.
    It´s putazos.

    A putazo is a curse word for a hard blow, a hard hit, to beat somebody hard.

    You might be good at karate, but i´m good at putazos.
    I cannot think of a similar slang word in English.
  3. Kraken

    Kraken Senior Member

    Valladolid (España)
    Castellano (Español)
    We don't know that word un Spain.
    ¿Algo así como "puñetazo"?

    I guess it's meaning is wider and ruder.
    Seguramente, en España sería algo así como:
    "Tú sabrás karate, pero yo doy hostias como panes".

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  4. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Puñetazos, patadas, en fin todo lo que tenga que ver con dar a alguien una golpiza.
    Putiza = golpiza.
  5. Búkarus

    Búkarus Senior Member

    Colombia, castellano
    In Colombia, "putazo" is a very insulting, hurting and shocking bad word, as "putear" sometimes means "to insult or hurt somebody's ego". So, the meaning of that t-shirt depends on the owner's country.

    By the way, your title should be written like this (bold letters are corections): "Tú sabrás karate, pero yo sé putazos".

    Bye ;)

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