tu te paies de ma tête

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    ME: Je te trouve belle.

    French girl: Je pense que tu te paies de ma tête.

    Looked up "paies" en dictionnaire, and it said it was "paye" as in to pay for something.

    I think she means... I think you are playing with my head.

    What is the infinitive?

    Merci d'avance.
  2. Salvatos Senior Member

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    Se payer la tête de quelqu'un; are you kidding me, trying to fool me? More fitting with your example: I think you're mocking me.
  3. vsop44 Senior Member

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    French girl : you're kidding me .
  4. certusy

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    the infinitive : se payer la tête de quelqu'un

    To me, the meaning would rather be to (try to) fool someone...
  5. francaispourmoi Senior Member

    Arrête de te payer ma tête.
    Je ne me paye pas ta tête.

    Merci tout le monde.

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