Tube Breeding Procedure

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    Hello dear all,

    I'm translating a user's guide of an X-ray diffraction system called X’Pert PRO. More specifically, right now I’m translating the steps to switch this system on. I have no idea what “breeding” could mean in the following sentence:

    I know the traditional meaning for breeding:
    but I don’t get the meaning of this word in this specific context. Could “breeding procedure” mean that the tube needs to be “conditioned” or “adapted” to be put to work again? What could be a possible translation for “breeding” here?

    I’d deeply thank any help.
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    Según un manual de un equipo de rayos X, los equipos nuevos o que han estado sin uso requieren que se cumpla el programa de "acondicionamiento" como primer paso de puesta en marcha.
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    Bogotá, Colombia
    (Colombian) Spanish
    Thank you so very much olimpia91

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