tuck onself into

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Perez had tucked himself into a corner and took no part in the conversation. He sat very still and Willow wondered if he’d always been like that or if he’d become half-frozen after the death of his lover.
Source: Dead Water by Ann Cleeves
Context: The investigation team (Willow, Jimmy and Sandy) are in Belshaw’s office at the oil terminal at Sullom Voe.

If I am sitting on a high back seat in a corner (of the music room), could I say I am tucked into the corner?

What does tuck onself into mean?

tuck: vb (tr) to push or fold into a small confined space or concealed place or between two surfaces: to tuck a letter into an envelope.

Thank you.
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    In this context, "tuck" could mean that he is seated very close to the corner or deep in the corner. While the exact literal meaning is not made clear, the reader is intended to imagine that the character is ensconced, virtually sheltered, in the corner. He has taken a position that is relatively far from whatever else is happening.
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