Tuck/untuck the shirt [into/with/to/in]

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Which preposition should I use with tuck and untuck here?

The man has tuck his shirt with/into/to/in his jeans...
The mean has untucked the shirt from/with his jeans...

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  • Myridon

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    Thanks, I have some confusion here: Is it tuck in his shirt in the jeans Or tuck his shirt in the jeans?

    If it's tuck in the shirt, then it should be tuck in his shirt into the jeans, right?
    No. That would be redundant. Both "in" and "into" refer to the same motion. He tucked his shirt in. We know what this means without referring directly to other clothing.
    The only way you could use "with" is to indicate the "tool." He tucked his shirt in with his hands - with a stick(?) - with a shirt-tucker-in-er tool ;).
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