Tuesday was the first day of the week.


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I was recently thinking of how to translate the following into Chinese:
"I wanted to get an agenda from the dollar store, but the ones they had all had Tuesday being the first day of the week, and a small space for Sunday and Monday for the weekend (=They were all printed wrong. They are not supposed to be like that, of course!). I ended up buying a more expensive one instead from somewhere else."
How would you say this in Chinese? Would it sound ok if I said "我最近想在一元店买一本日程记录本(?),可是它们都有星期二为每个星期的第一天"? (Feel free to change this completely!)

Thanks! :)
  • Would it sound ok if I said "我最近想在一元店买一本日程记录本(?),可是它们都有星期二为每个星期的第一天"?
    The first half of the sentence is ok, but you'll have to change the second half.

    日程记录本 sounds rare. We generally call them 记事本.
    I'd say
    谢谢,hx1997 and SuperXW! Your translations help me a lot! 😃 :thank you:

    日程记录本 sounds rare. We generally call them 记事本.
    The dictionary I use says that 记事本 also means "laptop computer". With little context, could this possibly be confusing or ambiguous? (or are they normally called 笔记本?)
    Good to know! Thanks! :)

    PS: We also say "notebook" here in North America! (I imagine we use the word in the same way as the British but I'm not sure!)