tufted pink pads of insulation


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Ralph had just gotten this through his head when momentary darkness, sharp as a knife-edge, crossed his vision like a shadow thrown by the slat of a venetian blind. He had a brief glimpse of narrow pipes that were probably part of the hospital’s sprinkler system, surrounded by tufted pink pads of insulation.
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King

I understand the noun tuft means a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass. I am unsure about the tufted adjective. So I looked up definitions in various dictionaries and images. Hard to visualise the description and unsure of the images. Would it be correct to visualise the tufted pink pads of insulation to be of similar pattern as the tufted mattress? What does the tuft refer in case of the mattress or insulation pad?

Thank you.
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    I don't know about "tufted", but there is a sort of fiberglass insulation that is often pink. I have memories of laying it down in an attic space.:(
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