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Hello, there:
I am wondering what verb native speakers would use to collocate the noun "tug-of-war".
For example, "Children like to _______ the contest -tug-of-war."
Is it idiomatic to say "play"? Besides that, may I have more learning?
Thanks a lot!
  • ewie

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    English English
    Yes, play or play at tug-of-war would be fine for children, KYC.
    I'm not sure what I'd use for adults doing it competitively, though. Perhaps just have:

    The teams had a tug-of-war match/contest.


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    American English
    Ah, now that Rover has replied, I looked at the article (rather than assuming you were referring to ewie's use of tug-of-war match in post 4). As the name of the sport/contest, I agree that it can be used with or without hyphens.
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