tul o mosquitero para cuna

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  1. chicoria New Member

    español Ecuador

    Podría alguien ayudarme, no se como decir tul o mosquitero para cuna en ingles.
  2. diamondring New Member

    es frase idiomatica? traduccion directa seria "tulle or mosquito net for a cradle" pero no tiene sentido. Tienes mas contexto o explicacion?
  3. Alisterio

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    Why doesn't that make sense? Tulle is the kind of fabric that you can make a mosquito net out of, and in this case it's intended to go over a cradle to keep the moquitoes off a baby. Welcome to the forum, by the way.
  4. diamondring New Member

    Why thank you, this is my first thread.
    I see now that it does make sense, of course, the net that hangs over the cradle! :) For some reason I was thinking of the actual cot itself...

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