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  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Senior Member

    At one public library in Finland, I found out that inside CDs there is a sign which says

    Levyä tulee käsitellä varovasti!

    I am not sure what "tulee" means here. Does this mean the same as "pitää" or "täytyä"? Or more like "it's recommended" or "It's better"?
  2. altazure Member

    "Tulee" means exactly the same as "pitää" or "täytyä", but it is more formal.

    This may illustrate the difference:
    Levyä pitää/täytyy käsitellä varovasti. > You must handle the disk with care.
    Levyä tulee käsitellä varovasti. > You are to handle the disk with care.

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