Tumbler (A glass container with flat/round bottom)

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What is a tumbler called in French?

And what is a tumbler(made of steel) called? I saw somewhere " Verre droit ". Is is correct? Or, is there some other word for the same?
  • viera

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    C'est un gobelet, mot que l'on utilise aussi pour les gobelets jetables en plastique dans lesquels on boit le café.


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    Hello Macta,

    I must say I didn't know what a tumbler was, so I searched for pictures with Google and from what I saw, I'd say "verre droit" is a good translation for a glass tumbler.
    If it is a steel tumber, I'd rather call it "un gobelet [en métal]".


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    The glass tumbler is called a gobelet or verre droit. The metal tumbler is definitely not called a verre droit, however. I think it might be a cylindre - it depends on the context - for example there's a kind of lock that uses tumblers where the term in French is "goupilles".


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    I think what distinguishes a tumbler from an ordinary drinking glass is that it is pretty wide and has a thick bottom, and isn't that tall compared with its width.
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