tunic and jerkin

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Tim Severin writes in his 'Saxon: Book of Dreams':

‘Who’s that in the yellow tunic, the one with the shock of grey hair?’ I asked Hroudland when the musicians finally began to put away their instruments.

Later, he writes:

I recalled how the man in the yellow jerkin had watched me during the banquet.

Can tunic be a jerkin? Could you let me imagine what that tunic/jerkin might be like as the scene took place in VIII century in Frankia?
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    Yes, a tunic and a jerkin can be characterised by being sleeveless but there are other differences and I suspect that the editor missed the discrepant references.


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    I had never heard of a jerkin before but the definition at WordReference dictionary suggests that they are synonyms.

    erkin /ˈdʒɜːkɪn/n
    • a sleeveless and collarless short jacket worn by men or women
    • a man's sleeveless and collarless fitted jacket, often made of leather, worn in the 16th and 17th centuries
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