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  1. seta Senior Member

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    Hello again? Can I use qaaima to say "list" in Tunisian dialect or there are words more correct?

    Ismek ma thammash fi-l-qaaima
  2. tounsi51 Senior Member

    you can say "esmek moush mawjoud fel lista" or "ma famesh esmek fel lista"
  3. seta Senior Member

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    So Tunisians use an Italian word!
  4. إسكندراني

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    Egyptians use ليستا too mostly. Actually a few other dialects probably use it more than قائمة and everyone would understand both words.
  5. tounsi51 Senior Member

    there are a lot of Italian words in Tunisian dialects :)
  6. jawad-dawdi Senior Member

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    lista in north african arabic dialects comes from the french word liste.. this way of transformation is used in lot of words.. for example: veste becomes fista.. bouton becomes boutona.. bouchon becomes bouchona.. casserole becomes casrona.. fourchette becomes fourcheeta.. carton becomes catrona.. jaquette becomes jakeeta.. casquette becomes caskeeta.. etc.
  7. القرطاجني

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    The word "lista" is mostly used for (list), but it isn't uncommon that you find "qaaima " (قايمة) like many Re-Arabised terms.
    And for the origin of the word "lisla", it may be form Italian like "circo" (circle in Italian)for kitchen or " فطشاطة" (faciatta for façade) . It may also have a French origin. But It wouldn't be uncommon if it came from The Mediterranean Lingua Franca, which was an essentially Italian based vernacular language spoken until the 19th century in the Mediterranean basin.
    And When you know that some neighbourhoods of Tunis have Italian names like "Sicilia", you wouldn't be surprised of how much Italian have influenced the Tunisian Dialect and culture.
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  8. seta Senior Member

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    Thank you everybody for your help!!!

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