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    I'm trying to pinpoint what this Tunisian judge means by the word أجير:

    انا مصيبتي كنت في الإستئناف مساعد أول لوكيل عام قعدت ٦ أشهر من دون وكيل عام، معناتها شغلت منصب وكيل عام أجير محكمة استئناف تونس
    My misfortune was that in the [Court of] Appeal I was first assistant to the prosecutor and I went six months without a prosecutor, meaning that I occupied the position of prosecutor .... in/of the Court of Appeal of Tunis.

    I understand أجير to mean somebody hired to work for a wage, but here it seems to be being used to emphasis that the judge was working in a position in some sort of temporary (or perhaps even unofficial?) capacity. Does أجير carry some special meaning in Tunisia?
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    This must be a transcription error, but I cannot guess what the real word could be.
    From the context I uderstand that he was, for all intents and purposes, the prosector.
    The word أجير is only used in MSA in Tunisia and doesn't have a special meaning other than 'somebody hired to work for a wage'
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    OK, then based on this, could the above mean that the person in question was hired on a contract bases or temporary assignment in the Tunisian Court of Appeals rather than full time permanent employment?
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    In that case, I'd expect him to say متعاقد not أجير

    An afterthought: أجير could also mean lessee, a person who rents a house or a shop.
    In that case, he's saying that he was "renting" the position, not owning it. A very personal way of saying that he was General Prosecutor a.i. (ad interim)

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