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  1. Chris K Senior Member

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    In a recent conversation with several ESL students originally from Guatemala we talked about Spanish words for the bird known in English as the turkey. Both pavo and guajolote / guajalote were names that were familiar to them, although one student insisted that pavo was incorrect because it refers instead to the peacock (pavo real). Both agreed, however, that the name they used locally for the bird was something like chumpa or chompa. Is anyone familiar with this word?
  2. franso Senior Member

    spanish from spain
    The unique word , at least in Spanish, for turkey is "pavo". "Pavo real" is a different animal.
  3. catrina

    catrina Senior Member

    Spanish, Mexico
    bueno, nosotros sí usamos guajolote, pero chompa o chumpa no lo he oído
  4. jmb99 New Member

    USA - English
    I have heard Guatemalans use the word "chompipe" for turkey.
  5. Ayutuxtepeque

    Ayutuxtepeque Moderador

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    Español salvadoreño
    In El Salvador we also say "chompipe" as a colloquial way of saying "pavo".
  6. paradespejardudas Senior Member

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    I agree. The fact that the first word is the same doesn't mean that it refers to the same thing. Grapes and grapefruit are not the same fruit... sweet and sweetbread don't refer to the same food either
  7. Sandragoras

    Sandragoras Senior Member

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    México (spanish)
    Nota al margen:

    En algunos lugares de México, sobre todo rurales, al pavo se le llama pípila o güila. Je, ja. ¿Hay por ahí otro mexicano que lo corrobore?

  8. Ayutuxtepeque

    Ayutuxtepeque Moderador

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Español salvadoreño
    Hola nuevamente:

    Según la Real Academia de la Lengua:


    1. m. C. Rica, El Salv., Hond. y Méx. pavo (ave galliforme).

    Fuente: http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/

  9. the boss Banned

    En México también se le llama guajolote, además de güila o pípila, como lo apuntó Sandragoras.

    PD: Güila no me gusta mucho porque así le llamaban las señoras de edad a la muchachas de la vida alegre
  10. FloydWaters New Member

    Mexico, Spanish

    En el norte de México (Monterrey) he escuchado que se refieren a estas aves por el nombre de "cócono"



    1. m. Méx. pavo (‖ ave galliforme).
  11. ajo fresco

    ajo fresco Senior Member

    I think I finally found the answer to Chris K's question!

    This week, at a friend's Thanksgiving dinner, I met a lady from Guatemala and asked what a turkey is called in her country.

    She said a male turkey is called el chumpe and a female is la chumpa.

    She said everyone there understands "pavo" and "guajolote", but chumpe is what's most commonly used.

    Ajo Fresco
  12. Chris K Senior Member

    Tacoma WA, US
    English / US
    Yes; chumpe is what my students say. Thanks!
  13. Giorgio Lontano

    Giorgio Lontano Senior Member

    Nova Guatemala da Assunção.
    Guatemala - Español
    Hello folks.

    I think the word for "turkey" in Guatemala varies depending on the region. For instance, it is called "chunto" in some places, and in others, they call it just like Ayutuxte said: "chompipe". I never heard "chumpe", but it could be... :confused: On the other hand, "chumpa" is a jacket, for me.

    In rural areas, people might never hear the bird called "pavo", and think of it of a fancier bird than the simple chunto. :)

  14. chileno1975 Member

    This was one awesome discussion. It just goes to show the enormous influence indigenous languages have had on the Spanish spoken in many countries.
    Un saludo a todos los foreros.
  15. EmilyD Senior Member

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    *Chompipe* is definitely used in Nicaragua, at least in the "Cuarta Region"..

    I could have sworn I started a thread on this topic, but I can't find it....:rolleyes:

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